July 19, 2011 | Vas Vasiliadis

Globus Online is well represented at TG11 this year – we ran 2 tutorials on Monday, we’re delivering 2 talks today (on GO and GridFTP) and we’ve got a BOF later in the week.

Here are some highlights from TG11 Day 1: Our morning tutorial “Preparing for XD: How TG Resource Providers Can Easily Enable Globus Online for Data Movement” was a success, with over a dozen interested folks there to find out what the move to XD will mean for them, in terms of file transfer capabilities.

  • Steve Tuecke demonstrated transferring 10,000 files totaling ~50 GB, and of course it just worked.
  • Steve also showed how to add an endpoint using Globus Connect and transferred the same 10k files to it.
  • One scientist from University of Idaho commented that GO with winscp took him 6 minutes to transfer something like 10GB of data locally, whereas it took 6 hours to transfer it over a WAN.
  • Lots of head-nodding from interested, excited attendees who were not familiar with Globus Online before this!

Our afternoon tutorial “Using Globus Online to Move Data to/from TG Resource Providers” also drew over a dozen people who learned about both basic and advanced usage of GO, including a session on the Transfer REST API.

  • One scientist had previously done a transfer with Globus Connect to move data between U. Montana and NCSA, and is hoping to set up a standard UMontana endpoint in the GO cloud.
  • Another participant from NCSA is interested in using GO to access mass storage – they have transient network failures and other issues when using uberftp -- GO can definitely help here.
  • One attendee asked whether our CLI scp command is a “real” scp command. Well, it's a GO scp command with regular scp syntax, so it works like scp but in the environment of GO. If someone has more questions, let us know.
  • Some people asked whether GO can delete files?  The answer is ‘not yet’ – it is high on the To-Do list!
  • Lots of attendees voiced the desire to move files between 2 Globus Connect endpoints. It’s good to know this is a wanted feature because we do intend to support it. Stay tuned.

Back tomorrow with more news from the floor!