Globus Connect Personal turns your laptop or other personal computer into a Globus endpoint with a just a few clicks. With Globus Connect Personal you can share and transfer files to/from a local machine—campus server, desktop computer or laptop—even if it's behind a firewall and you don't have administrator privileges.

Globus Connect Personal puts the power of Globus on your computer.

  • Dramatically increases data transfer speeds over scp and other transfer tools.
  • Automatically suspends transfers when computer sleeps and resumes when turned on.
  • Installs in seconds using native operating system install packages.
  • Works with firewalls that block incoming connections, and behind most NATs.
  • Uses proven Globus infrastructure for security and authentication.

Globus Connect Personal is available for all major operating systems. Please click on the links below for installation instructions.

Install Globus Connect Personal

 Globus Connect Personal for Mac
for Mac OS X 10.4 or higher (Intel only)

 Globus Connect Personal for Linux
for common x86-based distributions

 Globus Connect Personal for Windows
for recent Windows versions

I telecommute quite often and find it easier to use Globus in that context. I just fire up the Globus Connect client, then move files back and forth between work and home as needed throughout the day. With Globus, I don’t lose time babysitting any of that.

Galen Arnold NCSA, Systems Engineer, NCSA and Blue Waters PRAC support team

Additional information is available in the Globus Connect frequently asked questions and