Deliver advanced file transfer and sharing capabilities to researchers on your campus no matter where their data lives. Globus Connect Server makes it easy to add your lab cluster, campus research computing system, or other multiuser HPC facility as a Globus endpoint.

Note: Globus Connect Server is designed for multi-user systems, and will typically be installed by a system administrator. If you would like to use your personal laptop or desktop computer with Globus, please install Globus Connect Personal for your specific operating system.

Designed for Campus Research Computing Providers

If you manage or operate a lab server, campus HPC cluster, or research computing center, you can use Globus Connect Server to:

  • Easily create a Globus endpoint on any storage resource without complex GridFTP installation and configuration
  • Rapidly enable your users to use Globus for reliable, secure file transfer and sharing
  • Deliver a seamless user experience using campus credentials or local cluster accounts to access Globus services

Common Installation Scenarios

Step-by-step instructions for installing, configuring and updating a basic Globus Connect Server installation.

Install Globus Connect Server
Start here!

Configure Globus Connect Server
for a single-server installations

Update an existing installation
for users of GCMU V1 or older versions


We have been extremely impressed with Globus Online and how easy it is to use. Now with Globus Connect (Server), setting up a GridFTP server and handling authentication for multiple users is equally easy. The way it ties in seamlessly with Globus and allows for simple user administration is fantastic.

Pete Eby Linux System Administrator, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Globus Connect Server only requires a few simple steps to turn a storage system into a Globus endpoint. It enables all users with local accounts on the system to share and transfer files to/from that endpoint. Globus Connect Server packages a GridFTP server, MyProxy server and MyProxy Online CA pre-configured for use with the Globus service. Follow the resource provider guide and simply your researchers' data management now!


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Advanced Installation Options

In most environments, Globus Connect Server will need to work within existing security infrastructure. The links below describe how to configure Globus Connect Server in some common scenarios.

If you would like greater control over your installation you may install the various Globus Connect Server packages separately. Individual packages may be configured using the instructions below:


We've worked hard to make the Globus Connect Server installation process robust. When things don't work as planned or you encounter an unexpected scenario, please search our frequently asked questions for answers. In general, the best way to find the information you're looking for is to search our documentation site. Of course, we also encourage you to contact our support team or send email to for further assistance.