Globus is software-as-a-service that makes it easy to move, replicate, and share big data. Use Globus to deliver secure, scalable research data management services to campus researchers and computing facility users.

Campus computing center managers and lab cluster administrators worldwide use Globus to deliver a reliable, high-performance file transfer service and the ability to share files with collaborators directly from your own storage systems.

You’re a good candidate for Globus if:

  • You run computing resources for users who need to move and share big data
  • You operate scientific instruments that generate high data volumes
  • You manage a facility or service for users to analyze large data sets

No custom software installation or complex IT infrastructure is needed—it's a simple process to get your facility up and running.


Globus Connect Server

Globus Connect Server creates an endpoint on your campus storage system, enabling your users to move and share their data.

Globus Connect Server is easy to install and can be used with or without a Globus subscription.

Get Globus Connect Server

Globus Subscriptions

A Globus subscription gives you greater visibility and control over your campus data service. Features include:

  • A management console for monitoring who is using the service and how they're using it
  • Globus Plus users
  • Branded site that "skins" Globus and provides a familiar look-and-feel to your users
  • Integration with your campus identity system for single sign-on.


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What users are saying...

As a resource administrator responsible for helping scientists move data among various systems and across organizations, I’ve found Globus an exceedingly useful tool.

Pete Eby Linux System Administrator, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

The system is reliable and secure – and also amazingly easy to use. Our scientists don’t have to worry about about whether files can get where they need to go, or wonder about the best way to tune the system. It just works.

David Skinner Group Lead, NERSC

At University of Michigan we use Globus to form a campus-wide grid security infrastructure authentication service, spanning multiple servers that are accessed regularly by remote users. Now my users have a fast, easy way to get their data wherever it needs to go, and the setup process was trivial.

Brock Palen Senior HPC System Administrator, University of Michigan College of Engineering

Benefits For Your Users

  • Simple to use: Researchers just pick their data, source and destination, then click to transfer
  • Fire and forget transfer: Automation of manual tasks means users don’t have to babysit transfer jobs
  • Increased flexibility: Now all your researchers can have access to robust file transfer capabilities, whatever their location (researchers don’t have to be present at your facility to access or move files)
  • Reduced total time to move files: Globus is faster than most other methods: One user reported moving 75 GB in minutes, where the same transfer took over 4 hours using scp (read more metrics and user stories)

Benefits for You

  • Fast, easy enablement: No software installations or custom IT infrastructure required – just sign up, make your endpoints available, and point your users to the service
  • Automated authentication: Globus automatically trusts your existing users and supports one-time passwords (OTP) with no additional configuration
  • Secure enablement: Globus fits within your existing security infrastructure – no need to implement any new, complex security processes or systems
  • Reliable service: Globus is backed by an expert support team, which means your staff won’t be burdened with support issues. And with our ‘fire and forget’ transfer, your users won’t have many issues to report!