Globus gives researchers everywhere access to a fast, powerful data management service that’s easy to use. Simply fire off a transfer request and walk away, or share big datasets directly from your existing storage with just a few clicks — and when you need to make your data available to others, let our data publication service guide you. See how it works...​


Globus enables you to transfer your data using just a web browser. We take care of time-consuming, error-prone IT tasks so you can focus on your research. Globus makes it easy to get your data to where you need it with just a few clicks.


Your research generates a lot of data. Globus enables you to easily and securely share files with your peers, directly from existing storage—they just need a Globus account. Sharing is available on managed endpoints as part of a Globus Provider plan.


Globus makes it easy to publish your research data. You can identify, describe, and preserve data either via formal curation or using a more ad hoc process, making it accessible and discoverable by a broader audience.

The benefits of Globus

Globus manages file transfer for you, monitoring performance, retrying failures, auto-tuning and recovering from faults automatically where possible, and reporting status. And there’s no custom infrastructure or software to install, so you don’t have to be an IT wizard to use Globus.

Get your work done faster

  • Transfer files fast—move terabytes of data in hours
  • "Fire and forget" your transfer—let Globus monitor and fix any transfer issues

Gain flexibility

  • Move any file to any location, whether you’re at an HPC facility or in a coffee shop
  • Add your laptop to the Globus cloud with Globus Connect Personal

Automate the mundane

  • Focus on your research, instead of worrying about mundane data management tasks
  • No need to bother your IT admin—Globus will keep you informed, and only alert you when needed

Start Using Globus Today

Sign up for a free Globus account and you can start moving and sharing data today. You may even be able to use your existing campus ID to access Globus.

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Expand research and collaboration

  • Easily share big data and collaborate with other researchers
  • Accelerate your research workflows so you can cover more ground, faster.

What users are saying...

One of the most frustrating aspects of the HPC world is resolving software dependencies and trying to get something to work in a new environment. This is never an issue with Globus Online because of its existence on the cloud and how easy it is to set up a new endpoint even for someone new to HPC.

Brian Leu University of Michigan undergraduate

The Globus Online system and transfers work very well. It allows high-speed transfers to be conducted fully automatically, without the need to constantly monitor progress. Practically the only thing I have to worry about is refreshing my credentials from time to time.

Vadim Roytershteyn plasma physicist at SciberQuest Inc.

Globus Online has made my life much easier. I’ve had to generate, plot, and analyze over 100 TB of model data. Moving such large amounts of data from one HPC to another is time-consuming, prone to glitches, and often impossible with other file transfer methods. Globus Online is incredibly easy to use and cuts way down on the amount of time I spend setting up file transfers. It’s become absolutely necessary in the work that I do.

Ann Syrowski atmospheric scientist, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign