Globus file transfer is free to use for non-profit research and educational purposes. Subscriptions offer researchers access to enhanced features such as file sharing and data publication, and provide system administrators with a comprehensive view into how storage systems are being utilized. Your subscription helps us make Globus self-sustaining so we can continue to offer high-quality data management infrastructure to all researchers.

Subscriptions for Non-Profit Research and Education

If you wish to use Globus in a commercial setting, you must have a commercial subscription.

Features (click  for description) Basic - Free Starter Subscription Standard Subscription
Transfer level   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
User level   Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Managed endpoints   None 1 Unlimited
Management console      
Usage reports      
Support for Globus Connect, Web, CLI      
Shared endpoints      
Globus Plus users    
Data publication    
Application integration support    
HTTPS support (coming soon)    
Support service level   Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Central; 1-business day response
Named support contacts   1 5
Pricing Free Contact us for subscription pricing


Subscription Add-ons

Branded Web Site

A branded web site "skins" all Globus functionality, such as login, file transfer, sharing, and groups, to look like an integral part of your web portal or application interface, ensuring a consistent user experience. You may embed your organization's logo, and style Globus service pages to provide the same look and feel as the rest of your site. A branded web site may only be added to a Standard subscription.

Alternate Identity Provider

The alternate identity provider subscription enables you to add a new alternative identity provider to Globus, that may be used in lieu of currently-supported Globus mechanisms for authenticating your users. For example, if your campus uses a custom identity management system for single sign-on, you may integrate that system with Globus so that your users can log into Globus using their campus credentials. Globus supports InCommon identity providers via CILogon, a standard feature that is available at no additional cost. An alternate identity provider may only be added to a Standard subscription.

Premium Storage Connectors

Premium storage connectors enable you to add Globus endpoints hosted on non-POSIX filesystems, including various object stores and archival storage systems. We currently support the following systems via premium storage connectors:

Please contact us if you are interested in deploying Globus endpoints on other storage systems. Premium storage connectors may only be added to a Standard subscription.


Subscription Features


Transfer Level: The amount of data that can be transferred to or from your managed endpoints (and shared endpoints hosted on these managed endpoints) during any calendar month by all users.


User Level: The number of distinct Globus users that can transfer files to or from your managed endpoints (and shared endpoints hosted on these managed endpoints) during any calendar month.


Managed Endpoints: Endpoints use Globus Connect Server to connect a file system to Globus. A managed endpoint is an endpoint with full administrative capabilities enabled (management console, usage reports), capable of hosting shared endpoints, and for which you can receive technical support from the Globus team.


Management Console: The management console provides a comprehensive view into current user activity on your managed endpoint(s) and their shared endpoints, enabling a resource administrator to see all active file transfer tasks on these endpoints, including faults that these tasks are encountering. The administrator may use the console to suspend, resume, and cancel active file transfer requests, as well as troubleshoot problematic file transfers.


Usage Reports: Usage reports provide historical information on how researchers are using Globus services on your managed endpoint(s) and their shared endpoints, which may be useful for internal allocation, billing, and other purposes. Subscribers have access to monthly usage reports (in the form of Excel spreadsheets with summary charts and data) as well as a complete history of all transfer activity on their managed endpoints (delivered as a CSV file) that can be analyzed using tools of your choice.


Shared Endpoints: A managed endpoint can be configured to allow Globus users to create shared endpoints that are hosted by the managed endpoint.


Globus Plus Users: You may upgrade any user at your institution to Globus Plus as part of your subscription. Globus Plus users can create shared endpoints on their personal computers (using Globus Connect Personal) and transfer files between Globus Connect Personal endpoints.


Support for Globus Connect, Web, CLI: We have a dedicated support team that will respond to issues within a specified timeframe, and will work with the rest of the Globus team (and other service providers) to resolve them. Our support group will field questions related to Globus Connect (Personal and Server), the Globus web user interface, and the Globus command line interface (CLI).


Data Publication: Enables use of Globus data publication functions, including the ability to describe a dataset using standard identifiers and metadata, run the dataset through a curation workflow, and publish the dataset so that it may be discovered and used by others. More information on data publication is available here.


Application Integration Support: This is required for for organizations that have integrated Globus data management functionality into their web site or user portal. This entitles you to support when building web applications that use Globus file transfer and sharing services via our REST API or the Globus user-interface widgets.


HTTPS Support (coming soon): Enables access to files on Globus endpoints directly from web browsers and other applications that support HTTPS data access, while enforcing user-specified access control.


Support Service Level: Globus subscriptions include support for a defined number of named contacts, during regular business hours of Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm US Central time (excluding US federal holidays), with 1 business day response, and commercially reasonable effort resolution.


Support Contacts: The number of named users that may submit and manage support requests on behalf of your organization.