The Globus policies, they are a-changin'

October 16, 2014   |  Vas Vasiliadis

We recently changed the policies that govern access to certain Globus features. These changes are informed by our experiences in offering paid subscriptions to researchers and resource providers over the past ~2 years. Here's what's changing:

  1. To share files from a multi-user endpoint running Globus Connect Server, the endpoint must be part of a paid Globus Provider subscription, i.e., it must be a managed endpoint.
  2. Globus Plus is no longer needed to create shared endpoints on a managed endpoint. Globus Plus is only needed for sharing from laptops and other computers running Globus Connect Personal, as well as for file transfers between two such personal endpoints.
  3. We've removed the ability for individuals to buy a Globus Plus subscription using a credit card. Going forward, Globus Plus users must be affiliated with an institution that is a current Provider plan subscriber; the institution can upgrade the user's account to Globus Plus as part of their Globus Provider subscription.

We continue to offer free trials to institutions interested in a Globus Provider plan. Please ask your research computing manager to contact us if they would like to try the Globus sharing service and get access to many other advanced features, administration tools, and priority support.