Now Available: Subscriber Welcome Kit

November 25, 2019   |  Mary Bass

Are you a Globus subscriber? We now have a great resource for you: a Welcome Kit designed to get you up and running with Globus quickly and easily. The kit includes:

  • QuickStart Guide: A summary of the steps needed to make all Globus subscription features available to your users.
  • Best Practices Checklist: Invaluable tips and pointers to ensure your Globus deployment is on par with the best. 
  • Communication Guide: Our most successful subscribers are those who communicate with their users about Globus early and often. Not sure how? We can help!
  • Key Resource List: Links to the resources our subscribers find most useful – admins and users should keep this close at hand.
  • Globus Contacts: Pointers to key Globus team members who can help whenever needed.

You can find the Subscriber Welcome Kit here, with links to each of the resources listed above.

Globus subscribers have access to a comprehensive range of research data management features and services, from data sharing and management console to cloud connectors and premium support. To get the full value from your subscription, you should have as many users as possible, using as many features as possible, as quickly as possible. Think breadth, depth and speed!

Not a subscriber? Find out what you're missing!