Globus Announces Support for Microsoft OneDrive

New premium connector allows users to seamlessly connect with existing research storage environment

GlobusWorld, Chicago, ILMay 12, 2021 — Globus, a leading research data management service, today announced general availability of Globus for Microsoft OneDrive, which lets users connect OneDrive to their existing storage ecosystem and enables a unified interface for data transfer and sharing across diverse storage systems.

Research institutions and commercial companies alike are using a mix of cloud systems to extend and complement their on-premise storage. OneDrive is being widely deployed at leading research universities, many of which already use Globus for moving and securely sharing data. By providing users with a familiar interface, Globus for OneDrive greatly simplifies the often tedious and time-consuming process of moving data to the cloud and making it available to both internal collaborators and external partners.

"With more researchers working remotely, collaboration with others is more important than ever," states Dr. Ian Foster, director of the Data Science and Learning division at Argonne National Laboratory and Globus co-inventor. Foster continues, "They need a friction-free way to manage data so they can focus on maximizing research productivity. The new Globus connector allows researchers to simply plug OneDrive into the storage ecosystem they already use—everything from campus clusters, XSEDE supercomputers, and lab servers, to scientific instruments, tape archives, and cloud stores like OneDrive."

The Globus platform is used by thousands of researchers worldwide for efficient, secure, and reliable research data management. All that is required is a standard internet connection to initiate data sharing or transfers from anywhere to anywhere using a web browser. Users can easily share their data with any existing identity or email address, or with groups of users, without adding new accounts on the system where the shared data is stored. Authentication is handled automatically, and for data movement Globus manages the process with speed and reliability.

Globus for Microsoft OneDrive can be installed and configured in minutes, and subscribers can easily integrate OneDrive into their own workflows and applications using the REST APIs provided by the Globus platform. Now users can extend their storage ecosystem and seamlessly use Microsoft 365 with Globus to simplify transfer and sharing of files among team members and external collaborators.

Anthony Salcito, Vice President, Education from Microsoft states, "We are delighted that OneDrive is now part of the Globus storage ecosystem. Microsoft is committed to providing researchers with a great user experience, while ensuring that they spend less time on data management tasks and more on science."

Globus for Microsoft OneDrive is now available for all users as an add-on to their Globus subscription. Globus provides core file transfer capabilities at no cost to all non-profit research institutions and offers paid subscriptions that unlock access to powerful storage systems like OneDrive.

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